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Over the past two decades Martek has been helping organizations run better by providing strategic and tactical solutions in the facilities support area. Martek was founded based on the notion that one company could be a total solution for office acquisition, relocation, daily operations and projects, and act as a “general contractor for business”, allowing the organization’s executives to focus on what they do best.

Today Martek offers a full suite of integrated services covering all areas of real estate, facilities, medical and healthcare, furniture, administration and procurement activities. With customers in both the commercial industry and federal government, Martek stands ready to bring it all together as one mission-to help your organization run better. Guaranteed!!

Why enter into several contracts and manage several vendors, when one company, one contract will do a great job at a lower cost? Martek is the answer!

Mark G. Tornillo, Martek Global Services CEO and President, was recently featured on ExecuSpot, a blog that provides detailed interviews with leading executives. The blog serves as an online community for executives and business leaders to share the strategies that have led to their successes. To read Mark’s interview in its entirety
Martek Global Services Completes its Work on Blanchfield Army Community Hospital’s New Emergency Center
Martek Global Services to Help NAVA Health & Vitality Center Rollout New Washington, D.C. Facility
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